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Mission & History


Our Vision

Bancroft School works to be the first choice for students and families seeking to own their journey to mastery and independence in the greater Worcester region. We continue to strengthen our diverse and supportive community and invest in people to provide a robust education for all students in PreK through grade 12. Guided by outstanding teachers, curious learners engage with one another and celebrate our strengths and lived experiences. 

Love What You

  • Learn

  • Play

  • Build

  • Create

  • Become

  • Do

Founded in 1900

Ideas We Value


Middle School

Empowering one another to do and be our best

We believe in people and their dreams. Bancroft School strives to deliver the very best educational experience to all our students. We prepare our students to succeed and thrive in college and beyond. We want and support excellence for our educators, and we are dedicated to helping our students discover their passions and become their best selves. 



Inspiring innovation through active learning

We fuel curiosity. We ask questions, test insights, reflect, revise and develop solutions. We go outside to explore our campus and our community. We experiment to discover new tools, new technologies and new ways to learn. We collaborate and share our work, knowing the value of healthy debate and the exchange of diverse perspectives. We seek purpose in our learning. 


Lower School

Ensuring everyone has a voice and opportunity to succeed

We work to create a diverse community where all people feel safe, respected and a deep sense of belonging. We celebrate the range of lived experiences in our community and affirm that differences make us stronger. We commit to creating equity in all our practices and to challenging and responding to bias, harassment and discrimination. 


Caring for and supporting one another

We provide a safe environment and promote the emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of our students and staff. We guide students in recognizing their strengths and making meaningful choices about how and what they learn. We encourage educators to explore innovative ways of teaching. We invite families to be part of the student journey. Together, we confront challenges and celebrate success. 

Ethical Leadership

Putting our values into action

We hold ourselves accountable and support one another as we live out these values on our campus, in our local community and throughout the world. We work hard to do better every day, and we own and learn from our experiences.

Our Mission

Through active, inquiry-based learning and challenging experiences, Bancroft School empowers students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference in their community and the world. 

Our History

Founded in 1900 by a group of parents interested in providing a rigorous education for their children, Bancroft is the oldest Pre-K–12 independent day school in Central Massachusetts.