Strategic Plan: BluePrint 125


The Bancroft School is and has always been an engaged and thoughtful community of curious learners and passionate teachers, sharing a commitment to intellectual growth and ethical leadership. Yet there is room to embody more fully our commitment to our shared work. We can listen better, be more inclusive, and reach for excellence courageously. BluePrint 125 provides a framework to achieve this collective vision. We are pleased to present this 5 year plan as a culmination of many months of community wide thoughtful discussion and planning. As we embark on this journey, we hope all members of the Bancroft family continue to be active participants as we work together towards our shared goals.

Webinar Series

Members of the Bancroft community held three webinars to discuss Bancroft's strategic plan, BluePrint 125. The events were recorded and you can access each of them below. Hear about what is currently underway, where things are headed and how you can be involved. 


Download & print your own copy of the official strategic plan BluePrint 125 PDF.

BluePrint 125


All members of our community both past and present are invited to be active participants in making BluePrint 125 come to life. Sign up below if you are interested in being involved and we'll reach out with more information on how you can make an impact in the future of Bancroft!

Owning our future at Bancroft School in Worcester, MA