Preparing Students for College & Careers with STEM Education

A private school education has numerous benefits, not the least of which is a focus on STEM. Bancroft students in Worcester, MA have every opportunity to expand their horizons within this exciting collection of fields. Whether you're interested in learning more about what makes a machine tick or your student has always loved animals and biology, our school has the courses and resources for you. Learn more about what a STEM education means for current students.

What Is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A STEM education, then, is a curriculum that heavily incorporates these subjects along with critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills. Students may take classes centered on just one of these content areas, or they may have experiences that integrate multiple subjects.

Why Is STEM Important?

We all know the importance of basic math skills and some knowledge of science, but what really makes STEM such an essential part of a well-rounded education? A STEM-focused education comes with a wealth of benefits that students will reap right away, as well as throughout their lives and careers. Some prominent benefits include:

·   Increased focus on critical thinking

·   Instills a natural curiosity

·   Cultivates a desire to innovate

·   Promotes independent problem solving

·   Encourages experimentation

·   Opportunities to collaborate with peers

·   Promotes resilience and encourages students to try again after a perceived failure

·   Fosters creativity

·   Numerous real-world applications

·   Skills relevant to college majors and lucrative career paths

STEM Education for All Levels

At Bancroft, every student, no matter their age, has the benefit of a STEM education. Our curriculum emphasizes STEM principles at each level. Here's what you can expect:

Lower School: Lower School students have the exciting opportunity to do a deep dive into a central subject that will incorporate STEM in several ways.

Middle School: Students attending our middle school have the chance to participate in an annual science fair where they can showcase their diligent research and creativity.

Upper School: Here's where students can really branch out into the topics that interest them. We offer a range of classes within the STEM field, including unique courses in game programming, physics, marine science, and even the ecology of Yellowstone!


A background in STEM often inspires students to go onto university study and careers within this lucrative field. STEM-related careers are famously high-paying and high-reward. Bancroft students are encouraged to choose any of a range of STEM majors as they enroll in college. Popular majors and minors include:

·   Astronomy

·   Biology

·   Zoology

·   Dental hygiene

·   Pre-med

·   Engineering

·   Nursing

·   Computer science

·   Chemistry

·   Mathematics

·   Physics

·   Environmental science

·   Geology

·   Information technology

·   Aviation

·   Math and science teaching

A Well-Rounded Program

A focus on STEM is not to say that other fields are unimportant. Students at Bancroft receive a well-rounded education and exposure to all kinds of topics, including social studies, performing arts, and much more. We offer courses in several world languages, such as French, Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese. For students more interested in history, we also have several general and specific courses. Russian history, anyone? Regardless of their interests, STEM students will always have the chance to round out their education with the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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