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Your child’s education is crucial to developing their understanding of the world. Math, history, science, literature, and the arts expose them to essential skills and knowledge that will follow them throughout their lives. At Bancroft School in Worcester, MA, your child gets an exceptional education at a private school covering their needs from Pre-K classes through their college-preparatory Upper School experience. We have families from 63 surrounding central Massachusetts towns and cities sending their kids to our private academy, representing a broad range of backgrounds. Our students and their families’ unique backgrounds and experiences help us maintain a diverse learning environment, where students learn from each other while earning their private education.

Fostering Confident, Capable Students

Since 1900, our private school has served the educational needs of Central Massachusetts Pre-K through Grade 12 students. At Bancroft School, children get opportunities to wonder, reflect, imagine, persevere, and triumph in their academic careers. We inspire children to work harder, try harder, and grow to their full potential, leading to a graduating class of future musicians, athletes, humanitarians, and leaders. Students revel in their accomplishments and learn from mistakes to advance their practical skills and understanding, paired with a deeper appreciation for our unique world. Our educational programs help children and adolescents become the best versions of themselves.

Covering All Levels of Private Education

Bancroft School proudly offers all primary and secondary education levels to ensure students receive comprehensive learning that prepares them to move into their adult lives with confidence. We are a coeducational Pre-K-12 independent day school with your child’s development as our top priority. Every child deserves to attend a school with their growth and fulfillment driving its educational programs, starting during their early formative years and progressing through their years to graduation. We’ve described our private education levels to help you understand what to expect:

  • Pre-K – Our Pre-K education includes physical education to sharpen children’s locomotor and literacy skills and a central subject to teach them about the world by examining themselves and their families.
  • Lower School – Each year in Lower School covers mastering numbers and words, leadership training and development for fifth graders, and a central subject each year combining lessons, writing projects, field trips, and performances.
  • Middle School – Students learn about language and culture by studying three languages, forming an advisory group with a Middle School teacher, and participating in the science fair with topics of their choice.
  • Upper School – We purposely design our Upper School schedule with built-in periods for students to collaborate and engage in community-building initiatives while completing their comprehensive prep school education.

Start Your Child’s Education at Bancroft School

Bancroft School welcomes new and returning students every year with a commitment to higher learning. Our students’ academic experience exposes them to stimulating lessons and topics as they develop their abilities to grow, achieve, and lead. Give your child an edge in their education with our exceptional staff, curriculum, and learning environment. Contact us today to learn more about our private school in Worcester, MA and start the process to enroll your child.

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