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Become a Leader With Our Comprehensive Learning

At Bancroft School, we consider our student’s growth and advancement our top concerns. A well-rounded private education should include exposing children to the world outside their homes and helping them learn to navigate life, collaborate with other people, and thrive as leaders in their academic and personal lives. Our Worcester, MA private school serves Charlton, Auburn, and many other towns and cities in Central Massachusetts. If you have a child or adolescent requiring comprehensive learning that nurtures their curiosity, self-motivation, and confidence, our school is an ideal learning environment. We have state-of-the-art classrooms, teachers and staff with new and innovative methods, and a diverse student body with families of various backgrounds and experiences.

Instilling Confidence & Perseverance in Students

As students progress through their studies and advance through grade levels, Bancroft School’s teachers and staff encourage families to play an active role in our educational process. We value every family’s unique background and experiences and understand how integral engaging students with the world around them can be to their success. A private education at our school ensures your child or adolescent receives outstanding support and prompting to develop their confidence, overcome challenges, and build themselves into self-aware and highly capable achievers and leaders. The world is a complex place, and as children grow, their competency and self-drive should grow with them to thrive in academics and as adults. Let us provide foundational direction and encouragement to guide your children’s development and success.

Student at Bancroft School learning in a one on one setting in the classroom in Worcester, MA.

Teaching Pre-K Through Grade 12 in Worcester, MA

Every level of education your child goes through should be an opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world, its people, and the impact they can make. Bancroft School teaches students from Pre-K through Upper School, guiding them in their development from early childhood to graduation and the start of their adult lives. Our coeducational Pre-K-12 independent day school’s comprehensive curriculum features lessons and activities to capture students' attention and encourage them to explore their curiosity. Children and adolescents attending our prep school gain more than test scores and letter grades on homework. We ensure our private school evolves to the needs of students as they evolve. We’ve described each level of education to give you a better understanding of how we teach students:

  • Pre-K – Students in Pre-K classes engage in physical education to build their motor skills while learning about a central subject.
  • Lower School – Lower School Students also have a central subject, and they learn about words and numbers. Fifth-grade students also develop their leadership skills.
  • Middle School – In Middle School, early adolescents learn languages and cultures, take part in our science fair, and benefit from having a Middle School teacher as an advisor.
  • Upper School – Upper School students collaborate with each other and engage in community-building initiatives as part of their advancement toward graduation.

Enroll Your Child at Bancroft School

You can learn about Bancroft School’s admissions process and how our private education can benefit your child from Pre-K through grade 12. We currently serve families in over 60 towns and cities in Central Massachusetts at our Worcester, MA school. Join our academic community and start your young student’s education with us.

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