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Families in the heart of Central Massachusetts deserve an education for their children that goes beyond textbooks and standardized tests. If you live in central towns and cities like Charlton and Auburn, MA, Bancroft School offers an exemplary educational journey for Pre-K, Lowers School, Middle School, and Upper School students. Our private academy in Worcester, MA is an academic destination for 63 towns and cities in the area. The unique families joining our private school help us ensure children and adolescents get a diverse prep school education that exposes them and prepares them to thrive in the world outside their homes.

Foundations of Our Private School Education

Children and adolescents develop according to what they experience in the world around them and what teachers, parents, and other authorities instill in them. At Bancroft School, we understand a well-rounded education should help students learn to engage with people, overcome obstacles, and become leaders to shape the world as it advances. We offer a comprehensive private education in state-of-the-art classrooms, where students gain valuable skills and understanding. Students at our private school benefit from all the following directives we put into their educations:

  • Engage – Our students learn to develop as learners by their own design. We can achieve this by giving our faculty the freedom to form their teaching methods in new and creative ways with proven efficacy in the classroom.
  • Empower – Students get encouragement to connect with each other and the rest of the world. These connections help them develop a meaningful and impactful understanding of realities outside their own lives. We encourage families to play an essential role in our students’ journeys as they explore and discover the world around them.
  • Enrich – Our learning environments help students pique and explore their curiosities, challenge conventions, ask questions, share ideas, and solve problems together. Students get adequate preparation to thrive in our complex world as self-aware, confident, and well-versed leaders.
  • Move – The power of movement is a foundational belief we hold. People are continuously in motion as they learn, engage, reflect, challenge, and play. Our private academy evolves with them by embracing new technologies and methods to fuel their learning process as our students evolve.

Exceptional Pre-K Through Upper School Learning

Bancroft School’s private education includes comprehensive learning for students starting with Pre-K classes, where children develop their locomotor skills in physical education and start learning with a central subject. In Lower School, our students cover a central subject every year, words and numbers, and develop their leadership skills in the fifth grade. We combine lessons, writing projects, field trips, and performances to ensure their growth. Middle School involves learning three languages and cultures, participating in our science fair, and pairing with a Middle School Teacher for an advisory group. As your student engages in Upper School, they engage in community building initiatives and collaborate with each other.

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We invite you to learn more about Bancroft School in Worcester, MA and our academic opportunities for surrounding Central Massachusetts communities. At our private academy, students learn to thrive in a fast and complicated world, rising to each challenge and leading the charge to a brighter future. Start the application process today to enroll your child at our private school.

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