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Bancroft Summer Programs

Bancroft Summer Institute for Gr. 9-12BANCROFT SUMMER INSTITUTE

Intensive courses for Grades 9–12

This summer, why not delve deeply into a topic that excites you? Earn high school credit in a course taught by a Bancroft School teacher, or take a non-credit course that fits your interests and goals. Join the Bancroft Summer Institute and own your learning!

       Credit Courses*

       Non-Credit Courses

*Non-Bancroft students are responsible for determining whether their school will accept the credit.

Credit Courses

Exploration of History through Film

Instructor: Gail Buckley, Bancroft School History Department Chair
Grades 9-12
June 19-30
30 hours, Credit: 0.25*
Minimum: 6 students/ Maximum: 12 students
Cost: $850 
SPECIAL!  $675 when you use Discount Code BSI30

In our media-driven society where much fact is based on fiction or misinterpretation of events, this course will evaluate the use of film as a medium to examine historical events in world history.  Students will study various events, people, and political movements using traditional sources such as books, articles, databases and primary source documents.  They will then view the events in film adaptation and evaluate and critique the historical accuracy in a history vs. Hollywood fashion. Students will have some choice as to the time periods and topics covered in this course.

Units covered may include:

  • Racism
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Native Sons/Daughters
  • Sports/Olympics
  • Whistle Blowers in History
  • War and Its Survivors

Possible films and time periods to be examined:

  • Dances With Wolves (the settling of the great American West)
  • All The President’s Men (the Watergate scandal)
  • Far From Heaven (conformity and racial/gender stereotypes in 1950s America)
  • A Man For All Seasons (Henry VIII and the English Church)
  • Schindler’s List (the Holocaust and World War II)
  • Gandhi (British Imperialism of the 19th / 20th century) 


Citizenship in America: Rights, Roles, Responsibilities (A Civics Course)

Instructor: Jane Merritt, Bancroft School History Faculty
Grades 9-12
July 17-21
30 hours, Credit: 0.25*
Minimum: 6 students/ Maximum: 12 students
Cost: $850 
SPECIAL!  $675 when you use Discount Code BSI30

What are your basic rights? How are they interpreted in 2017? How does the government work? Where does the power lie? What are the three branches? How does the government affect your day to day life? How can YOU have an effect on the government, even as a teenager?

An understanding of the U.S. Constitution is essential to your role as a citizen and to the effective operation of our country. In this course, you will gain an understanding of your rights, roles, and responsibilities through the study of the Constitution. We will read and discuss articles from a variety of sources on issues facing the U.S. today. In addition to learning about the structure and workings our government, all participants will choose a contemporary issue to research, and formulate an opinion about where you stand. You will then design a project that informs a broader audience and expresses your understanding, and your stance, on that issue.


Technologies in Biomedical Research

Please email cwhitney@bancroftschool.org 
for more information on a waiting list 

Instructor: Taryn Surabian, Bancroft School Science Faculty
Grades 9-12
June 22 - July 14 *no class on July 3-4
60 hours, Credit: 0.5
Minimum: 8 students/ Maximum: 12 students
Cost: $1,695
SPECIAL!  $1,495 when you use Discount Code BSI60

For this unique learning opportunity you will join Bancroft instructors and UMass Medical School PhD candidates to engage in the investigation of biotechnology tools applied in biomedical research. You’ll learn to pipette, culture, extract DNA, run gel electrophoresis, and use plasmid and restriction enzymes, recombinant DNA techniques, and other important laboratory skills. Explore biotechnology in action through off-campus trips to UMass Medical School laboratories. 

You will be assessed on your laboratory skills and activities, and required to keep a detailed lab journal outlining concepts covered, activities performed, and related research. At the end of the course, you will make a final presentation detailing your knowledge gained and connection to biomedical research applications ongoing in the world today. Note: This course starts on a Thursday, and there are no classes on July 3 or 4.


Writing in the Wild 



Instructors: Kate Sheridan & Jane Merritt, Bancroft School English Faculty
Grades 9-12
July 31-Aug 4
30 hours, Credit: 0.25*
Cost: $850  
SPECIAL!  $675 when you use Discount Code BSI30
Are you hoping to do some creative writing this summer? But are you horrified by the idea of being cooped up inside a classroom to do it? This class is the best of both worlds! We’ll spend each morning reading and discussing literature, then we’ll grab our notebooks and head out into the great outdoors, using our surroundings as inspiration for our own creative writing. We’ll cover several different genres — including memoir, fiction, and poetry — all through the lens of the wide world of nature writing. Possible excursions may include Mt. Wachusett and Walden Pond, so make sure you’re ready to stretch your muscles as well as your mind!


Worcester: One City, Multiple Lenses

Instructors: TBD
Grades 9-12
Dates: June 26 – July 14 (no class July 3 and 4)
78 hours, Credit: 0.5
Cost: $1,695
SPECIAL!  $1,495 when you use Discount Code BSI60

This course will focus on a contemporary study of the City of Worcester by emphasizing student inquiry, active learning, cultural awareness, and place-based study. We will explore each topic through a combination of:

  • In-class learning with an emphasis on both visiting experts and group discussion;
  • Collaborative work in the field through trips that allow students to engage further with community leaders and experts; and
  • Independent engagement with each topic so summary projects can be conceptualized, proposed, and implemented by the students themselves.  

The course is designed for students from a number of area high schools, so you'll develop a cohort of fellow scholars as a crucial part of the coursework.

Class topics could include: Community Health; Transportation, Manufacturing, and Industry; Gateway City: Refugees and Immigration; Nature and Environmental Sustainability; and Arts and Culture.

Bancroft students have the option to earn credit toward graduation by completing additional assignments.


Non-Credit Courses

Build Your Own Electric Guitar

Instructor: Justin Redden, Bancroft Tech Director and Professional Guitarist
Grades 9-12
June 26 – June 30
Minimum: 5 students / Maximum: 8 students
Cost: $450* Includes Guitar Kit
Combine your passion for music and develop your engineering skills as you build your own electric guitar! Using a kit that includes everything you need, you’ll create a working instrument with your own style and flair. Join guitarist Justin Redden in this fun and fascinating hands-on learning adventure.


Bancroft Entrepreneurship Academy



Instructor: Cameron Martin, Business and Technology Teacher
July 17-28
Cost: $395
Ever thought of owning your own business? Do you want the chance to develop your skills as an entrepreneur? Turn your passion into a business with impact this summer in the Bancroft Entrepreneurship Academy. This program takes a hands-on approach to understanding business concepts, combining interactive lessons with activities where you will learn by doing! You will learn to spot opportunity, take risks, and persevere, all while making decisions about strategy, marketing, and finance for a new business venture with impact. Throughout the program, you will develop your own business plans, immediately applying what you learn using the Business Model Canvas. On the final day of the program, you’ll present your new business ventures to “prospective investors” in a formal trade show. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Join us and find out!



SAT Prep

Summit Educational Group is pleased to partner with Bancroft School to offer our Summer SAT Preparation Class at Bancroft. Registration for this class is done through Summit Educational Group. 

*Note: This is an SAT Prep Class only. You must register separately at www.collegeboard.com to take your SATs.

NOTE: This class is held at Bancroft School, but registration takes place directly through Summit Educational Group. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER 

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