2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners
Posted 01/29/2016 03:03PM

Bancroft's English and Art Departments are pleased to announce that the following students earned recognition in the 2016 Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Winning works were selected out of approximately 15,000 art entries and 2,500 writing entries based on three criteria: originality, technical skill, and personal vision. 

Gold and Silver Key winners will be invited to a ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts ib Boston on March 12, 2016, and Gold Key winners' work will be on exhibit at EF, Education First, in Cambridge, MA, from March 5–20, 2016. Gold Key work is automatically entered to compete for National Medals against all the other Gold Key work from around the country. 

Congratulations to these talented young artists and writers!

Carmen B, Flash Fiction, “My Terminal Issue” 
Katherine B, Sculpture, “Dysphoria” 
Katherine B, Personal Essay/Memoir, “The Softness Between Us” 
Irvi S, Mixed Media, “BLUE”

Xiaoling H, Ceramics & Glass, “Shiwan Sculpture” 
Alyssa J, Poetry, “How to Break Poetically (with 11 easy steps)” 
Abigail M, Printmaking, “Puppies” 
Ailish M, Short Story, “A Modern Exodus” 
Chelsea S, Mixed Media, “Sweet Land of Liberty” 
Kieran S, Science Fiction/Fantasy, “Cogitos” 
Irvi S, Drawing and Illustration, “MY YOUTH” 
Ali V, Humor, “Peace Treat-y”

Lucy B, Drawing and Illustration, “My House” 
Katherine B, Poetry, “Blue-Black” 
Katherine B, Poetry, “Cause of Death” 
Monica C, Humor, “Why Can't You Just Eat Chicken” 
Andrew D, Photography, “Arc Of Water” 
Alice K, Humor, “Clio's Histories” 
Ailish M, Humor, “A Special Celebration” 
Ailish M, Critical Essay, “The Genesis” 
Samantha P, Short Story, “Say Something” 
Haomeng Q, Poetry, “I Hear the Voices Behind the Wall” 
Irvi S, Mixed Media, “Make A Wish” 
Ali V, Poetry, “Cosmos” 
Ali V, Poetry, “Orchard” 
Kexin Z, Ceramics & Glass, “Friendship Cup Set” 
Kexin Z, Ceramics & Glass, “Sushi Plate Box”

Learn more at: http://www.smfa.edu/scholastic-art-writing