May 2017 Newsletter

Dear Bancroft Friends:

Speaking at the recent Cum Laude Society ceremony, Shubh Agrawal '11 recalled studying for an AP exam and feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that she dropped everything, went to the kitchen, and whipped up a pan of Lemon Squares. It proved to be an effective coping mechanism. With that small success under her belt, she felt more confident walking into the exam the next day, and knew that her peers would welcome the sugar fix, as well.

High stress is part of the fabric of our society, and learning to manage it is one of the most important skills we can teach our students. So much of the pressure to achieve is based on some future goal — getting an A, acing the next exam, getting into the "right" college. Study after study has shown that people are happiest when they feel that they're doing something that has meaning; that they're making an impact. You can't feel that way if you're focused solely on long-term goals.

At Bancroft, we build in opportunities for students to experience success now, while also preparing them for the future. Our new schedule and our teaching strategies are carefully designed to support our students' sense of control and ownership of their learning. What they're doing today matters to them. Every project includes elements of choice, and occasions to reflect on what went well, what didn't, and what could be improved the next time.

Examples abound at this time of year, but three stand out because they are culminating experiences for the three divisions:  the Fifth Grade Play, the Eighth Grade World Fair, and the Senior Cooperative.

  • Last week's performances of Space Pirates! gave fifth grade students a role in something much larger than themselves. They were committed and engaged, and it had a huge impact on their audience of families, faculty, and fellow students. As these performers head toward sixth grade, they are armed with strong bonds of friendship forged through this collective success.

  • At the end of eighth grade, each student draws on a year's worth of knowledge to research, write, design, and present an English/History project at the World Fair, complete with international culinary delights. World Fair adds one more experience into their success bank, while strengthening the individual talents and growing independence they will carry into ninth grade. (This year's World Fair is May 25th.)

  • Our seniors are heading out into the Worcester community for their Senior Cooperative projects this month. They'll complete up to 60 hours of onsite, project-based work for local organizations. The Co-op experience gives these soon-to-be graduates a remarkable chance to make deeply meaningful contributions to the community, develop skills, and plant the seeds of a mentor network. They leave Bancroft for the next leg of the journey with a stronger sense of self-efficacy, confidence, and pride.  

There is a philosophy behind the teaching and learning that takes place at Bancroft; a context that informs our decisions. We intentionally create occasions for students to experience success now, both individually and collaboratively, in ways that are meaningful and impactful.  

Enjoy the final weeks of school and the opportunities it brings for our students to display their talents. 



Trey Cassidy

Head of School


As you'll see in the video, Seniors Paris J., Roger L., Sarah N., Divya N., Rose P., and Alejandra W.; and Juniors Jonathan C., Nicholas C., Lindsay I., Philip O., Ryan P., and Chelsea S. are Bancroft's newest members of the prestigious Cum Laude Society, which honors superior scholastic achievement in secondary school. Inductees exemplify the three cornerstones of Excellence (Areté), Justice (Diké) and Honor (Timé).  Punctuated by the ....  READ MORE


Lasting relationships are at the heart of the Bancroft experience, and Reunion 2017 brought hundreds of people back to campus to renew their bonds with former teachers and friends on April 21 and 22. Alumni from all the classes ending in 2s and 7s mingled at the cocktail reception, Memorial 5K Run/Walk, family cook-in picnic, and Blue Moon Awards Dinner Dance. Enjoy the video highlights!


Every spring, our fifth graders spend their music and drama classes learning lines and lyrics, and discovering their performing skills with costumes, make-up, lights, and a large audience. You'll see evidence in the slideshow of true teamwork, fun, and pride as our fifth grade students presented the musical play, Space Pirates!, teaching us meaningful lessons about honoring differences along the way.  READ MORE



We're proud to announce that the Parents' Independent School Network presented PIN Special Recognition Awards to two of Bancroft's US clubs for their multi-year community service projects: Table de Français, whose traditional crêpe sales have raised $2,200 over three years to support the Haiti relief effort; and CARE & Horizons, the long-running recreation and theater programs for local children with special needs! 


Kindergarten is first class to reach 100% family participation in the Bancroft Fund!
A heartfelt thanks to all donors and K class captain Padgett Berthiaume! Second grade is close to the finish line with 85% participation! Your class could be next! The Bancroft Fund closes on June 30. Make a gift today!


Spring Art Show
Opening Receptions

US Art Show: May 17 9:15-10AM in the MPR

MS & LS Art Show: May 18 at 2:15-3:30PM in the McDonough 2nd Floor Lobby. NOTE: A 2nd reception will follow the MS/US Spring Concert at approx. 7:40PM that evening.

MS/US Spring Concert

May 18 at 6:00PM in the Harrington Theatre. 

Commencement &

Commencement:  Friday, June 9 at 5:30PM
Middle School Closing:  Tuesday, June 6 at 2PM

Lower School Closing:  Tuesday, June 6 at 9AM

2017 Maine and Cape Cod  Gatherings

Alumni, parents, and Bancroft friends are invited to two summer events: Maine Gathering, June 29, and Cape Cod Gathering, July 27.  MORE DETAILS HERE.

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