October 2016 Newsletter

Dear Bancroft Friends:

Citius, Altius, Fortius. That's the Olympic motto, meaning "faster, higher, and stronger." We thought it was a great message to spread excitement across campus for the 2016 Pep Rally and Homecoming. Striving to be faster, higher, and stronger is a big part of being a leader. However, leadership isn't just about bettering yourself. It's about helping others become better, too.


Examples abound at Bancroft. Leadership is what happens when inventive faculty create environments for active and engaged learning, and students have a sense of purpose and ownership for their learning.


Just in the past month, we had Fifth Grade Leadership Week, when our "leaders of the Lower School" grew as teammates, communicators, and peer influencers. The Upper School students in the "Spanish in a Global Context" class took charge of the researching, documenting, and setup of artifacts for a museum exhibit as part of the Latino History Project of Worcester. Our Kindergartners raised butterflies from caterpillars, observed their development, then released them into the world.

Our Homecoming events provided many other ways for students to take the lead and learn by doing. From the student-run pep rally, to the Bulldogs' races and games, to the Environmental Club's water-bottle refilling station, everyone was working to be their best. Faster, higher, stronger.

Citius Altius Fortius

These events and others, like today's World Smile Day celebration and Grand Opening of music wing, draw our entire community together in joyous displays of school spirit that remind us all that we are one school.


Bancroft students are all here to grow and develop until they, like the Kindergartners' butterflies, are ready to spread their wings and fly off to the lives they are meant to lead. And lead they will.


Trey Cassidy

Head of School

Don't miss the information at the bottom about the Fall Open House, Speaker Series, Young Writers Conference, and MetroWest Bus Transportation!

Pep Rally & Homecoming 2016

After an all-school, student-led pep rally that brought Spirit Week to a crescendo, spirited Bulldogs packed the athletic fields for our 2016 Homecoming and Family Festival on Saturday, October 24th. And by Bulldogs, we mean Bancroft students, families, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents, and friends - and yes, even some of the four-legged variety! An early morning 5-K fun run to benefit the Worcester Partnership got the day off to a great start, followed by games and contests, fundraising sales, a delicious cookout, and a series of races and matchups versus rivals from LCA. With fierce teamwork, leadership, and talent, our MS and US Bulldogs made us Bancroft Proud!  Click the button to see the 2016 Homecoming Video.

A Brief History of the Spring Cove Music Room


Coinciding with World Smile Day celebration, the entire School gathered to witness the grand opening of the renovated music wing of the Harrington Performing Arts Center this morning. The recent updates brought to mind the unsung history of the Spring Cove Music Room. Housed within the music wing, the Spring Cove Music Room was last updated in 1998. Inspired by the exceptional leadership and generosity of the late Gordon Heald '54 and his wife Betsy Heald, some two dozen Bancroft friends and families pulled together to contribute more than $50,000 toward the room's renovation and naming.

Ribbon Cutting

The name the donors chose - Spring Cove Music Room - was an homage to the memory of four much-loved Bancroft alumni who lived in the Spring Cove area of West Falmouth, MA: Willard E. Swift '25, Frances Thayer Chapman '28, Norman S. Wood '45, and Herbert F. Ramsdell, Jr. '53.

We are deeply grateful to the generous leaders past and present who help Bancroft move forward in its commitment to create flexible environments for teaching, learning, innovation, and community engagement.


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Butterflies are Free

First Week Activities 1
First Week Activities 2
First Week Activities 3
First Week Activities 4
After weeks of observing their caterpillars' metamorphosis into Monarch butterflies, Mrs. Truesdell's kindergarten class went outside and released them with a fond farewell. They first tagged the butterflies with tiny stickers, which are coded to help scientists gather data when the insects are found (in Mexico, if all goes well)! Our kindergartners are part of a large North American network of volunteers who provide valuable data to help scientists answer questions about Monarch migration patterns and survival rates, and weather-related influences. The butterflies were reluctant to leave; they hung out on campus for an hour or so before heading off on their journey to Mexico. Maybe it was because they saw the signs marking the Future Home of Bancroft's Monarch Butterfly Waystation, a butterfly-friendly garden space. Currently under construction, the landscape was designed by two of last years' seniors as part of their Senior Co-op project. Plantings will be funded by the honorarium attached to the Isa Bayon Bowl award, given to our wonderful bookstore manager, Jen Davies. What a fun way to introduce students to science, global connections, conservation, and goodness!
First Week Activities 5
First Week Activities 6
First Week Activities 7
First Week Activities 8

5th Grade Leadership Week

Next spring, our fifth grade "Leaders of the Lower School" will be well prepared to head off for their overnight trip to Kieve Leadership School in Maine (a.k.a, Camp Kieve). The recent Fifth Grade Leadership Week gave them many ways to focus on team-building, good decision-making, and communication, which are important attributes for any leader! Our students spent two days with instructors from Kieve, one morning at Community Harvest, and spent time setting class and individual goals for the year. To cap off the week, on Friday morning many of the fifth grade parents joined the children for a review of the week's lessons and goals. 

5th grade students & parents

As the fifth graders go through the school year, we know they will find many authentic ways to demonstrate their leadership!


Documenting Worcester's Latino History

US students in the new course, Spanish in a Global Context, taught by Martha Hosey and David Conner, have been working to support the Latino History Project of Worcester. It is a huge, multi-year community project in collaboration with WSU, Holy Cross, the Latino Education Institute of Worcester, and the Worcester Historical Museum.

Our students' recent efforts involved researching the history behind Latino artifacts, writing descriptors in Spanish and English, and helping organize the September 23rd "Neighborhoods of Worcester" exhibit held at the Historical Museum.

Click HERE to read an article about the evening from the Telegram.

Worcester Latino history

MetroWest Bus Transportation

From Framingham & Westborough

Bancroft students from MetroWest and the 495 area now have the option to ride the school bus from either Framingham or Westborough. AA Transportation, the company that operates the Bancroft bus, added the Framingham stop this year. Students can take the bus every day, or only when needed. There's even a daily late bus to accommodate after-school sports and activities. 

CLICK HERE for bus stop locations,
schedules, and rates.


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